JSM 2023 Winners

Name Affiliation Advisor Status Paper Title
Jingxuan Bao University of Pennsylvania Qi Long and Li Shen Winner Heritability-aware brain atlas improves the power of brain imaging-genetic studies
Mengyu Li Renmin University of China Cheng Meng Runner-Up Importance Sparsification for Sinkhorn Algorithm with Application in Efficient Echocardiogram Analysis
Guoxuan Ma University of Michigan Jian Kang Runner-Up Bayesian Image-on-Image Regression via Deep Kernel Learning based Gaussian Processes
Paolo Victor Redondo King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Raphael Huser and Hernando Ombao Runner-Up Measuring Information Transfer Between Nodes in a Brain Network through Spectral Transfer Entropy
Xi Tan Rice University Meng Li Runner-Up Bayesian structural determination by cryo-electron microscopy