Statistics in Imaging Virtual Working Group

The Statistics in Imaging Virtual Working Group is an informal virtual monthly meeting that typically features one or more talks and opportunities for discussion. The Virtual Working Group was established in 2022. Its goals are to provide a forum for researchers to present both work in progress and completed work, to network between conferences, and to continue learning. The date and time are determined by the availability of each month’s presenters. Talks are recorded and made available for those not able to attend. The Virtual Working Group Leaders: Julia Fisher (2023-pres), Dan Spencer (2022).


SI Website Working Group

The SI Website working group was established in 2023 to develop the new website,, for the ASA Statistics in Imaging Section. The working group consists of Panpan Zhang, Joshua Lukemire, Dayu Sun, and Ying Guo. The new website was released in August 2023. The working group also would like to thank Joseph Lukemire for consulting on the website and Dan Spencer for contributing to the working group during the early phase of the development.